12 Most Expensive Flight Tickets Around the World

12 Most Expensive Flight Tickets Around the World

Whether you are swimming in a pile of money or just curious about ‘what is the reason for such an expensive price tag’, there are some flights that will grab your attention with their high prices. The amenities and facilities that accompany such flights are also beyond our imagination. From access to an in-flight bar to personal compartments that will provide you with privacy to exquisite dishes being served to you instead of the typical food trays with subpar meals, the list goes on. Now let’s take a look at the 12 most expensive flight tickets around the world to satisfy your intrigued mind.

New York to Singapore, $14,000 in Singapore Airlines

Some people may be surprised to hear that there could be anything better than the first class, but here comes the ‘Suites Class’. Introduced in 2007 by Singapore Airlines to give their elite clients the same experiences as a hotel but in the air. 

From a gourmet dining experience with 3-course meals to private cabins with transforming beds and luxury pyjamas. Even during layovers, the amenities did not halt. One can spend that time in the exclusive lounge, equipped with a 23-inch LCD and an exquisite list of wines. 

Los Angeles to Melbourne, $14,974 in Qantas

You won’t believe the perks this flight which is just $26 shy of being $15,000 will bring to you. From LAX to Melbourne, you can have the most luxuriously relaxing time ever spent before thanks to arrangements made by Qantas. 

Chill in the spacious business lounge with a wide selection of high-end wine and la carte dishes by the renowned chef Neil Perry while you wait to board your flight. From entering the lounge till your departure time, the leather seats in front of the open fireplace will give you the cosiness of your own home.

New York to Tokyo, $15,000 in ANA

Even with a whopping price tag of $15,000 this flight ticket is still among the cheaper ones on the list. However, you are guaranteed to get more than what you paid for during a voyage through this airline.

The Japanese are wildly popular around the world for their more than generous hospitality. Their culture circles around respect and honour. This is evident from the luxurious services and amenities provided in the first class of the flight. You will step onto the lands of Tokyo feeling completely relaxed and satisfied. 

Los Angeles to Tokyo, $16,078 in Japan Airlines

For a hefty price of just over $16,000, you can enjoy all the perks the first class of Japan Airlines has to offer twice. This pretty huge dent in your wallet will get you a private partitioned suite with reclining mattresses, noise-cancelling headphones, and a wellness kit.

Moreover, the multi-course meals including international cuisines as well as sushi are catered to the passengers on this trip. You will feel like you are lounging in your bedroom with a 23-inch flat-screen TV with the best selection of high-end wines that money could buy from big brands like Kamoshibito Kuheiji, Iso Jima, and Moriizou

New York to Singapore, $21,000 in Virgin Atlantic 

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is a billionaire with a taste and desire for luxury. And with his company Virgin Atlantic’s upper class, which is a step up from the first class, he is giving the same luxurious experience to anyone who can afford it.

With dimly lit black interiors that give off a serene aura, a seat that reclines to a 6 feet long bed in the individually secluded pods, and a common drinking bar where you can socialize with your upper-class neighbours. 

New York to Singapore, $22,265 in Swiss International Airlines

When you think of the phrase “Home above the clouds”. This will come to mind. The Swiss have thought of every luxurious desire an elite group of passengers may have and managed to bring it to the grasp of their hands.

In this NY-Singapore $22,000 first-class flight, you will get your very own compartment with a sliding door and a full-length mattress. While you are chilling in your personal space in space, you will be served a gourmet menu prepared by Michelin-starred chef Dominique Gauthier. But the perks don’t stop there. First flight boarding, higher limits of luggage, and triple miles for members will also add to a more satisfactory experience. 

Hong Kong to New York, $26,572 in Cathay Pacific

Have you ever had wine and caviar for breakfast? Seems like something only the super-rich class of people would do, right? Well, you are not wrong about that, because anyone who can afford to board the first-class flight of Cathay Pacific belongs to that status.

With 3 row orientation (1-1-1),  the passengers will have more than enough space in their private cabins, in their beds enjoying their personal flat-screen TV. And have we mentioned the caviar for breakfast? Yes, can’t forget about that.

New York to Beijing, $27,000 in Korean Air

“Prestige Suites”, is what $27,000 will get you on Korean Air. A country that has always been technologically advanced in every aspect, has brought its A-game when it comes to accommodating the needs of the upper-class citizens.

Each of the first class Kosmo Suites has a sliding door that separates you from your next-door neighbour. A suite where you can enjoy a 17-inch flat-screen TV lying on a fully reclined seat while enjoying a Mercury Award-winning catering service, oriental dishes and an exquisite selection of wine.

San Francisco to Abu Dhabi, $28,090 in Etihad

Flying from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi, the rich capital of the United Arab Emirates and back cannot be anything less than a luxurious experience. And since this is a round trip, so the taste of richness will last even after you land back at your starting point.

23 inch private flat-screen may have been mentioned before in this list, but a personal minibar is extremely rare. Menus with middle eastern cuisine created by 5-star chefs and comfortable leather seats are a given at this point with such expensive receipts. 

Los Angeles to Dubai, $36,000 in Emirates

Emirates has always been on the list of airlines that leave no stones unturned when it comes to customer service. They take pride in their flawless record, even during their shortest and most inexpensive flights. So it is obvious that a 16-hour long direct flight between LAX and Dubai with a price tag will have some pretty amazing perks.

Apart from the full flatbed, vanity table, and a minibar in your personal vicinity, you can also enjoy a relaxing in-flight spa treatment to relieve your stress and pressure of being cooped up in a plane for 16 hours straight. 

New York to Hong Kong, $43,535 in Lufthansa

Securing a five-star rating on Skytrax is not that easy for most airlines, but the German flagship carrier Lufthansa managed to secure that with ease. If you booked a seat on the first-class of flights between New York and Hong Kong via Lufthansa, then your journey will begin way before the plane even takes off.

A limousine service awaits you, and you also get your own personal assistant to help you with what you need throughout the excursion. Air humidifiers, fancy toiletry kits, Michelin-stared culinary menu, Markus Del Monego selected wine list with a standalone seat with bed setup are all one needs to make themselves comfortable on a business or leisure trip.

New York to Abu Dhabi, $64,000 in Etihad Airways Residence

Aptly named, the “penthouse in the sky” has a plethora of amenities that even most penthouses on the ground can’t offer. The luxury gulf carrier will provide a 125 SFT cabin with 3 rooms along with limousine transfers. You will also get a personal VIP concierge to organize everything related to your grandeur voyage.

During the entirety of the flight, you will be served by a private butler as well as a chef who will take care of all your in-flight needs, food and otherwise. A 32-inch flat-screen will keep you entertained while you lounge on leather seats akin to those of a Ferrari. Equipped with a shower with luxurious robes and 2 beds with Egyptian cotton sheets, this 3-room cabin will also accommodate 2 passengers, so this price can seem somewhat justified when compared to the numerous perks.


Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast

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