6 Most Gorgeous Hiking Trails in Asia

Hiking Trails

One of the world’s most notable regions, Asia, is packed with some of the most beautiful sites and sceneries that can soothe the onlooker’s mind as well as the soul. Home of some of the tallest mountains, colourful and vibrant environment, the richest cultures, interesting historical events, and so much more that meet the eye. Throughout this region that wins hearts with just a glimpse, countless hiking trails are spread like veins. You will not only be surrounded by the most breathtaking view from all directions but also achieve the inner peace that can only be found through solitude and the stillness of the landscape. So, lace up your best pair of hiking boots to take a walk across some of the most gorgeous hiking trails in Asia. 

The Basho Wayfarer, Japan

Connecting temples, lakes, gardens and cities, countless trails spread across Japan. However, this self-guided trail is also connected to the name of a famous Japanese poet Matsuo Basho who used to stroll through this path hundreds of times over 300 years ago. Thus, the name “Basho Wayfarer” came to be.

When you start walking through this trail from Sendai, you will come across many mesmerizing sites along the way, especially during autumn. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hiraizumi which you will pass through while walking along the ancient Dewa Kaido path in the northern Tohoku region, to the mountains of Natagiri-toge which you can get to by following the path through the beech and cherry forests, you will be stunned by the vows that surround you. And then finally concluding the six-day trail after reaching the temple of Yamadera.

Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China

Almost everyone has heard the rumour that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made creation that can be seen from the moon. But sadly, even though it boasts a massive length that outlines a colourful part of China, that rumour was proven to be false.

Located 87 miles northeast of Beijing, the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall is perhaps one of the unscathed sections of this iconic Chinese structure. You can easily get winded hiking your way along the trails of the Great Wall. not just because of the sheer length and countless steps lining the mountains over which the wall stands but mostly because you will have to pass through the crowds and hawkers. But the view is totally worth the stress.

Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong, China 

We are not done with China just yet. Below the bustling skyscrapers, among the myriad hiking trails, you will come across the most famous one, Dragon’s Back.

The trail starts under the shade of the tunnel of trees on Shek O Road. You can bask in the view of the white sandy beaches of the tropical islands while scaling the hills and Shek O Peak. then you conclude your trip by dipping into the warm waters at the Big Wave Bay beach. All you have to do to hike this trail is hop on a bus from downtown Hong Kong.

Tergo La Trek, Bhutan

One of Bhutan’s lesser-known and underrated hiking trails is waiting to mesmerize visitors with its stunning views and picturesque landscapes. Located in the Haa Valley and boasting the third-highest peak in the world, Tergo-La Trek can be conquered by even novice hikers.

With a height that ranges from 3,500 meters to 4,135 meters, this guided route will provide its hikers with views of Kanchenjunga after successfully passing through the path of the serene forest and then over wild mountain tracks. Standing over the highest peak will change the way you view this world.

Indus Valley, Himalayas, India

Starting at the foot of the village of Moncarmo and leading towards Matho Phu and Shang Phu, the Indus Valley trek remains under-appreciated among the many magical treks that penetrate the Himalayas.

You can marvel at the astonishing sceneries of the surrounding peaks and glaciers while wandering along the lush green trails, occasionally stopping for local tea houses.

Cloud Forest trek, Laos

Whether you can witness it with your own eyes or see it through monitored camera traps if you can catch a glimpse of the last wild tigers of Indochina, your trip through the Cloud Forest Trek will be successful, to say the least. 

The guided trip to the summit of the national protected area and the third highest mountain in Laos, Phou Louey, spread across three provinces: Houaphan, Luang Prabang, and Xieng Khouang may take multiple days to complete but will still seem too short. 

Your experience across these hiking trails will definitely give you the adventures of a lifetime while still leaving you wanting more.



Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

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