Instagrammable Waterfalls Worth Visiting in Sri Lanka

Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka is packed with all kinds of breathtaking natural resources that accentuate the beauty and value of this country manyfold. Especially, with hundreds of waterfalls that embellish every corner of this gorgeous island and lure in spectators from different corners of the world, no wonder it is among the most sought-after destinations for nature-loving travellers who are looking for a relaxing downtime. Though many of these waterfalls are inaccessible, the ones that you can access will start an inpour of likes on your Instagram feed. So let’s check out some of the most Instagrammable waterfalls in Sri Lanka you absolutely have to visit.

Baker’s Falls

Named after the famous explorer, Sir Samuel Baker, this waterfall is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka that forms multiple streams while coming down. The wildness of the waterfall is evident from the splash of the bright hues of pink-purple Rhododendron and layers of green fern.

Baker’s Falls

Among the two trails to the falls, the left one provides the visitors with the chance to enjoy a hearty 9km hike on a man-built stone road. However, if you wish not to get too winded before even reaching the falls, choose the right one and enjoy the views of the Horton Plains with full energy still intact.

Lover’s Leap Falls

Nestled amongst tea plantation hills, near the Pedro Tea Estate, resides this beautiful tourist attraction. Though it is not as popular or visited as the rest on the list, the views from the top of the cascades are breathtaking nonetheless. The name of this incredible site is based on the folktale and love story of two star-crossed lovers. And so it has become a staple for many love-struck couples across the world who travel to Sri Lanka to profess their love towards each other under the streams of this waterfall.

The lover’s leap waterfall stands at a height of 30 metres and has access to an uninterrupted view of the lush green scenic landscapes of the tree plantations and Nuwara Eliya. Tourists can leisurely hike up the hill to reach the top of this waterfall while exploring the surrounding natural beauty. If you are ever in the area, make sure that visiting this charming waterfall is on your list of priorities.

Ravana Falls

As one of the major tourist attractions of the Ella Region of Sri Lanka, you will surely find this waterfall packed with tourists during the peak season. Though a significant change can be seen during the off-season when the water level goes down, it is absolutely gorgeous during the monsoon. This towering 25 meters in height stream of water is among the wildest falls in the country as well.

Ravana Falls

Among all the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, this particular one holds a very important mythological value in the Indian epic Ramayana. It is the home to the Ravana cave, where King Ravana kept Princess Sita, the wife of Prince Ram, as a hostage after he captured her from India. Although the waterfall and the cave hidden behind it hold a dark plot in the epic storyline, there is no denying that it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls to exist in Lanka.

Diyaluma Falls

In Sinhalese, the word “Diyaluma” means “rapid flow of water” which is befitting as it is the 2nd tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and only 6th in the world while standing at the staggering height of 220 meters. Standing over this astonishing height provides its audience with a picturesque view as far as the eyes can see.

Diyaluma Falls

The water streams take the shape of a horsetail as it falls over the cliff with a number of stunning natural infinity pools that add different levels to this exquisite waterfall along its height. You can hike up the hill to either enjoy a peaceful swim in the calming waters of these pools or to the peak of the hill and bask in the amazing view of the emerald hills that encase this waterfall from the rest of the world. The possibilities of adventure and experience here are only limited by your imagination only.

Kirindi Ella Falls

A comparatively less well-known waterfall due to the mysteries and legends surrounding it, calling the Kirindi Ella falls a beautiful waterfall will be an understatement. According to legend, copious amounts of treasure were hidden deep beneath these falls by the King of Sri Lanka “Walagambahu” while trying to escape from his enemies. As the legend and popularity of the fall spread, several failed attempts were made to steal this wealth during dry weather when the water streams become comparatively calmer.

Located 7km away from the town of Pelmadulla, Kirindi Ella falls is a sight you would not want to skip. And to get a complete view of this tourist attraction, two viewing platforms are installed about 200m away from the fall, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The pool formed at the bottom of the cascading stream of the waterfall is often visited by many exotic animals and birds.

Ramboda Falls

Surely among the tallest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, this magnificent creation stands 945 meters above sea level. The area enveloping the waterfall is a blend of exquisite landscapes comprised of highlands, plains, hilly mountains, and natural streams. The 11th-tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Ramboda stands on cascades of ivory rocks which in contrast with the backdrop of the sky make up a charming painting.

Ramboda Falls

Standing on the top of the hill you will be constantly greeted by cold winds from all directions. When it comes to having visuals to keep the tourists engaged, Ramboda falls has it all. It is, for all intents and purposes the perfect destination for people looking for a nature retreat. Situated as far as possible from the hustles of city life, this is the place where you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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