Why is Dubai a Top TikTok Travel Destination?

Dubai a Top TikTok Travel Destination

According to an analysis conducted in July 2022, the luxurious city of Dubai, with nearly 82 billion views, topped the ranking of the most popular travel destination on TikTok. This year, Dubai has managed to take over this position from New York with ease based on recent data, following with 59.5 billion views on TikTok. Let’s take a look at some of the attractions and alluring facets of this magnificent city, deemed as the top TikTok travel destination and the most sought-after destination for vacationers looking for the deluxe R & R experience.

The Dubai Fountain

Located in downtown Dubai on the 30-acre Burj Lake, the tallest performing fountain in the world is popular for leaving its spectators spellbound with its colourful and illuminated display of water jets harmonising perfectly with the melodies of popular and catchy music.

The Dubai Fountain

These free-of-charge shows can be viewed every 30 minutes from 6 pm onwards daily from all points surrounding the lake has been featured in countless TikTok videos as the most hyped travel destination. However, the Waterfront Boardwalk outside The Dubai Mall has to be the most popular spot. 

The Wild Wadi Waterpark

 Popular as one of the most attractive and family-friendly outdoor water parks in the United Arab Emirates, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is located next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

This water park boasts a heated/cooled wave pool multiple water slides and two state-of-the-art artificial surfing machines. Once, this water park was the home to the largest water slide outside of North America. The two gift shops, three restaurants and two snack bars make this the optimal spot for a family picnic.  

The Bluewaters Island

This beautiful island in Dubai alone is enough to attract visitors from all over the world. There is no shortage of exciting activities. And no doubt the TikTok videos shot here will also indicate the same notion.

The Bluewaters Island

You can visit the biggest and tallest Ferris wheel in the world on this Island, the Ain Dubai and have a luxurious experience at the Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai. Relax by the Cove Beach, have Michelin star level cuisine at the London Project and best yet meet some of the most renowned and beloved stars at Madame Tussauds museum in Dubai. You can also catch an uninterrupted view of the entire city and Arabian Gulf waters from one of the pods on the Ain Dubai

The Aura Skypool

For a 360-degree panoramic view of Dubai’s famous skyline, the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island and the wider Arabian Gulf from a height of 200 metres, you must visit the Aura Skypool.

This pool, surrounded by an intricately designed deck complemented with lush greenery and sun loungers that is accommodating to all kinds of visitors, is located at the Sunset Hospitality Hotel in Dubai. 

Museum of the Future

This, absolutely unique and innovative museum is set to be one of the most iconic cultural landmarks in the entire world. This museum and its contents are considered to be the gateway to a world 50 years into the future. So is it even surprising that it has garnered millions of views on TikTok?

Museum of the Future

Including a trip to space, a visit to the Amazon rainforests and the spa of the senses, a wide array of futuristic experiences are scattered all throughout the seven levels of the column-less museum. The structure also holds a DNA library and a viewing deck within itself as well. This architectural facade is shrouded with Arabic calligraphy and its ‘torus’ shape is an out-of-the-box representation of the earth and sky, while the hollow space in the midst encapsulates the unknown.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

This vast lagoon is marine habitat for over 65,000 aquatic animals belonging to around  250 variations of marine life species. There is also a viewing panel that gives a jaw-dropping view of the other-worldly ruins of Atlantis.

The grandeur display of exotic marine life animals in the form of an aquarium is worth visiting due to the extensive learning experience and exciting activities it has to offer.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is definitely one of the world’s most outstanding architecture and has a stunning view to behold.

Burj Khalifa

It is without a doubt Dubai’s most famous tourist attraction that invites hundreds and thousands of travellers each month.

Standing at a height of 829.8 meters, this tallest structure has more than one unbeatable record under its belt and has made large contributions in ranking Dubai as the top TikTok Travel destination. However, a night’s stay in this grand architecture is only a drop in the bucket for the affluent.

Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast

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